Someone with experience, energy, initiative and contacts to pick up, ANALYSE or restructure your business development.

It could be fundraising, the promotion of specialist publishing products, or financial services. Sarah Money — your first step to powerful and innovative routes to market.

Sarah Money MA (Oxon)

Glenfinnan-Viaduct_Over 20 years in active and strategic sales, marketing and management roles for media and the financial sector (including; Dow Jones Newswires; Euromoney Asia).

Based in Switzerland with fluent German. Strong track record of results in German-speaking Europe and Hong Kong. Includes eight years spearheading Dow Jones Newswires in Switzerland.

Business Development

Sales & Marketing

  • Comprehensive range of options to fit your needs, ranging from direct involvement in customer acquisition, through PR and on to seminars and regular events. Including rethinks of marketing strategy or analysis of business-process leading to a new focus on sales effectiveness.
  • Specialist in complex products with long and subtle sales cycles involving heavy-hitters in leading financial institutions.
  • Strong track record in new territories with new products and new target customers; massively over target in many past roles.

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