There has always been a distinction made between sales and marketing but in a complex world of networking, partnership and synergy between routes to market, this looks increasingly crude. Rather, everything we do must be purposeful, integrated and capable of yielding income.

Money Solutions offers you advice, planning or fulfilment: whatever mix you may need.

Practical Support

  • Direct, hands-on management or execution of the sales process.
  • Intelligent below-the-line marketing and PR collateral delivered to your potential market.
  • Impelling marketing campaigns: planned, authored and managed.
  • Networking with senior client decision-makers to negotiate and close a deal.
  • Editing of key company documents and financials from their (translated) text.

Srategic Support

  • The first step is to establish where you are now – any stage from a start-up seeking new business development or a  mature business looking for a keener sales engine.
  • Analysis and planning come next, and a veteran of successful campaigns can devise innovations that will help you coherently shape business process and optimise your ROI.  Sarah Money has worked alone; within global and local organisations, often as their territory or country manager giving her a wide breadth of applied knowledge.
  • All sales initiatives need compelling words and promotional collateral: brochures, website text, direct mailings, promotional material for events. Sarah Money excels in this field.
  • Usually there are key decisions to make about product positioning and pricing, about how to tackle new sectors, new markets, new services or products. Sarah Money has managed constant change and innovation.

Alongside you… with these skills