Sarah Money offers strength in depth…

  • How many people have spent more than two decades following the evolution of financial markets in Europe, the USA and the Far East? Sarah has, and she can offer you detailed, written analysis on key regulations affecting finance such the EU AIFM Directive (Alternative Investment Fund Managers) and the U.S. FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), both legislations applicable to offshore fund structuring, hedge funds and private equity.
  • How many people have worked as independent country and regional managers and as seasoned closers for the top names in sophisticated financial publishing? Sarah has, with Dow Jones, Breakingviews, Asiamoney, IFIT – Institute for Innovative Trading and now Aquamarine Zürich AG.
  • How many people have worked at the EU in Brussels and studied its institutions and structures in depth as they affect the economic climate over the last twenty years? And how many of those people are familiar users of Bloomberg, Reuters, Telekurs, Interactive Data and Sunguard? That would be Sarah, again, the Glasgow girl who went to Oxford and built a unique career that allowed her to live in Germany, the Far East and now Switzerland with her German engineer husband and two children…
  • How many people have direct business development experience in the UK, in Europe, in Asia (HK, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia), often devising entirely new channels for brand new products demanding polished yet determined promotion? Ah, Sarah. Does anyone need to talk to Sarah?
  • How many people absolutely do not mind working hands-on with the actual sales pursuit, in fact get great enjoyment from it, and speak the lingo, both technically and literally. You may be thinking of Sarah Money by now.
  • Not to mention planning and running any projects that you want to succeed, training your staff, perhaps, assessing market data, and did we mention writing your marketing collateral. Oh well, one repetition won’t do any harm.
  • And finally: you need this quickly. You need someone who gets to the heart of the matter straight away. That someone must swiftly understand your product, market, client, internal structure, accounting methods and international legislation that affect your project. There’s no time for doubt or mistakes. You probably need a Sarah Money alongside you.

So, who is Sarah Money again?